Friday, July 28, 2017


The one thing that wakes me up the most is not a strong cup of coffee but finding a great CV in your inbox.
You take a look at the CV and it has all the right ingredients- great education, tri-lingual, stayed in the same job for many years, amazing credentials and even their hobbies and interests have been well thought of.  Everything looks too good to be true and then when you decide to invite them for an interview, you realized this amazing candidate’s e-mail is

Guess it really IS too good to be true.

You may think an e-mail address is just an address, yet your e-mail address could be that one thing that causes you a chance to lose out on a great job.

As a recruitment company, we see hundreds of CVs a day.  While Hong Kong people’s names are already notorious for their unconventionality (naming themselves or their children after fruits, verbs, colours or punctuation marks), we often see e-mail addresses that are similarly as eccentric. (We’ll talk about license plates later).  

Some of the weirdest ones (first name and e-mail accounts have been changed for anonymity purpose):    (Great! We don't want you to take too many sick leaves, do we?)  (wonder what her favourite song is?)  (better show up fit)  (need to build a pantry for his skills)
…… and a lot of Hello Kitty fans that has a e-mail. (Hello!)

We also have very proud candidates who are very passionate about their achievements:

And also candidates who are willing to reveal more personal information than usual: (full name including birth-dates) (full name + telephone number) (okay. This one is made up but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s out there)

A lot of candidates might have these e-mails set up when they were in their teens (we hope) but to continue using them on a CV for a professional position can backfire.  An unprofessional e-mail address can create a lasting wrong and possibly negative impression no matter how good the content of your CV is and let’s not forget the risk of your potential boss not being a belieber and/or allergic to kittens.

So our advice is to take 5 minutes of your time and open a free e-mail account.  Make it as simple as possible and not too long.
This will certainly be a good start to have your achievements and experiences shine without any hindrance.

Feel free to share with us the most memorable e-mail addresses you’ve seen by posting in the comment box below or directly e-mail us at for a chance to get your CV reviewed with one of our consultants.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Up Recruitment is proud to have assisted in bringing Charles Russell Speechlys ("CRS") to HK

Up Recruitment is proud to be one of the two recruitment firms in bringing CRS to Hong Kong.  CRS is a top tier international law firm specialises in family law and private wealth.  With the number of high net worth individuals in Hong Kong projected to grow year on year and reach 230,000 by 2020, the private wealth market is an important one.